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CardioSleeve records in adjustable increments at all four auscultation locations. Dry electrode sensors facilitate ECG recording at Leads 1, 2, and 3. Cardiac Function is assessed by recording both the digital heart sound and ECG simultaneously at the mitral location. A similar approach to traditional auscultation allows clinicians to maintain the personal connection during examination. 


Bluetooth wirelessly transmits tracings to any smarthphone or tablet and can be viewed in real time or after recording. Results can be shared instantly or played back for additional thoroughness. Built in tools and digital calipers make tracings interactive and educational to both peers and patients. CardioSleeve's mobile functionality extends the eyes and ears of the clinician to any point of care. 


Recorded tracings are instantly transmitted to HIPPA secure servers where they are analyzed using FDA cleared algorithms for detection of murmur and of 24 different cases of arrhythmia.